Cultivating intuition for more clarity in your decisions

Working with the method of Zero Senses helps to unfold a conscious intuition that leads to more clarity in any decision, gives more self-confidence, stability, and a new level of awareness.

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The Zero Senses Approach

An original, unique method that connects cognitive analyses with sensory awareness. Based on experience, consciousness, and knowledge, it will lead you to the very core. Ultimately, you will find answers that seem as though they were always there, only you were not yet aware of them. The results are instantly tangible and actionable.

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The basic structure of the Zero Senses Method is always the same, it only varies in intensity, time, and degree of individuality. The method can be experienced in different ways.

“Tanja is on the move to realize a forward-looking vision
 deeply rooted in her inspiring personality and working experience.”

Dr. Hans-Jörg Heusser, Art Historian and Art Consultant

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Only the sharing of thoughts makes them valuable. An in-depth view of thoughts about a pleasant life, the future of business, the definition of luxury, and the potential of intuition.

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