About Zero Senses

Zero Senses invites natural leaders to cultivate intuition for independent decisions.

The Genesis of Zero Senses

In 2018, Tanja founded Zero Senses to help natural leaders discover and cultivate their inner compass - intuition - through a unique method: a deeply individually curated journey of inspiration that adds new layers of perception. Ultimately, sharpening sensory awareness is essential to consciously awaken and use our intuition.

Zero Senses invites natural leaders to embrace intuition as the new currency for independent, clear and confident decisions (besides and beyond money, facts, and analysis). After identifying where limitations manifest themselves, Tanja curates individual impulses of inspiration for her clients exactly on that point: she creates a context in which the client becomes aware of their true self and gains a conscious perception of their situation. In this “room” of awareness, inspiration can be received and, even more importantly, can be used for their own (business) development.

What is the real meaning of sustainability? Once clients open their perception for a topic, how can they transfer this newly received knowledge into their business?

Connecting fresh inspiration with analysis and experience will reactivate intuition, leading to more clarity in complex life and business decisions.

Translator of Inspiration

After opening up perception, Zero Senses helps its clients to use this new information and inspiration in their business lives and decisions. Curiosity (an insatiable desire to look beyond the surface) and a talent for active listening allow Tanja, CEO of Zero Senses, to perceive the unique essence of each person, and what drives them. Thereby, she can narrow down complex discussions to their fundamentals.

Breaking through the noise to find the essence

Curated Inspiration

Finding the essence also means filtering out the non-essential. Zero Senses is a curator who creates experiences for its clients that are not only deeply personal, but also embrace the eternal concepts of aesthetics and quality.

“Tanja is an excellent listener, as she understands contexts and can handle complexity very well, more importantly, she turns the whole thing into a magnificent and condensed piece of advice that really gets you ahead.”

— Managing partner of a major consultancy

Tanja Schug

Driven by intensity, Tanja began her career in the world of business. She has worked for more than a decade with and within different international companies, including almost eight years in a boutique consultancy, where she developed brand strategies in various industries. It was this job that brought Tanja to Switzerland in 2016, where she still lives and works.

Let’s connect


Connecting analytical thinking and our natural, inborn gift: intuition

As a strategy consultant, Tanja gradually realized that in a world of extreme complexity and noise, relying on analysis and facts alone is not always enough. It was her lifelong passion - wine - that inspired her to develop a completely new field.
Her mentor, a wine connoisseur, taught Tanja to rely only on her senses (and ignore the labels and vintages) to truly appreciate the essence in the glass. Wine became her metaphor: we bring and use our past experience in the present context. When we smell or taste wine, images arise: ripe pineapple, wood, even raspberry. Once these images are clear, we can describe them and bring them into active use.

Seeing beyond the surface is what drives Zero Senses.

Tanja became inspired to use this insight in the business context. As she put it into practice, she realized that she became more aware of her surroundings, a more active listener during meetings or more present when speaking in public. Ultimately, she gained more clarity and independence in her decision making.

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