Download: Use Case Tour of Inspiration, London

“The tour of inspiration through London certainly brought me more clarity, about my brand but even more about where we as a company stand amongst others.”

-Dominik Risch

Zero Senses immersed the client in a new environment. The deeply individual impulses in a different context gave him renewed self confidence, making him understand what he stands for. For instance, we observed how much more space sneakers occupied from the classic leather shoes overtime. The brands that stayed were all high-quality brands, showing an alarming sign that the promise of quality is evermore crucial. For instance, to show his essence in a more obvious manner, the client decided to redesign his webpage.

Download Use Case:

A Swiss shoemaker who simplifies 
buying shoes


Download: Reference Letter

“Tanja is on the move to realize a forward-looking vision deeply rooted in her inspiring personality and working experience.”
—Dr. Hans-Jörg Heusser, Art Historian and Art Consultant


Reference Letter from Hans-Jörg Heusser


Download: Booklet of the Tour of Inspiration

The Tour of Inspiration describes a walk that is individually curated for natural leaders. The aim is to open a different perspective on existing management and decision-making topics. New insights and clarity are guaranteed, which gets not least intensified by encounters with artists (in a broader understanding). What is striking about the Tour of Inspiration is its instant applicability and translation into business life.

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The booklet of the Tour of Inspiration.