It was something different - intimate and refined in a very special location”— Quote from a guest

How is the Circle different from a normal dinner invitation?

A selected group of leaders and artists from various fields were invited to enjoy the salon-like atmosphere of a surprising location: the private atelier of a young, yet well-known Zurich chef, where the guests experienced an inspiring dinner with a special “sensory highlight”.

The Circle of Inspiration takes place in a private environment that I carefully curate for that night. Curation means that we create a unique experience that sharpens sensory awareness by consciously choosing even the minutest detail. On the last occasion, we took the guests on a carefully-prepared taste journey: my great partners in culinary experiences, Patrick Schindler and Luca Tribò helped me with the curation, from perfectly harmonizing the menu with the wine selection to creating the general atmosphere.

“It was a journey to paradise - to your paradise of spirituality and intellectual power”— Quote from a guest

However, curation extends beyond refining the details of the dinner. Invitations to the Circle are carefully considered: personal connections can only flourish between people who match in personal qualities and interests. Guests are chosen carefully, based on their background and personality (beyond job titles), creating a fertile ground for fruitful discussions and meaningful relationships. Therefore, an invitation means that guests can trust that they will have an enriching experience.

The Circle of Inspiration is a framework in which inspiring conversations can flourish and the members can receive impulses instantly. On the occasion of the one-year anniversary of Zero Senses, I illustrated with a recent example how my approach of curated inspiration works in practice. However, I only provide the framework. The real impulses are given by everyone else who is part of the Circle.

“It should become natural: to stimulate our senses for changing the world”— Quote from a guest

Essentially, the idea behind the format is rooted in the everlasting need to find the right source of inspiration: I create an atmosphere where inspiration can flow in abundance. The  Circle is a condensed version of what I offer in the Zero Senses Retreat ‘Cultivating Presence’, where only a hand full of natural leaders will come together from various fields to receive inspiring impulses.