Distilling the essence and creating your context.

4-6 meetings over a time horizon of 6 months

Constant noise, connectivity and endless opportunities keep you away from the essential - therefore, they distract you from making the right decisions. Zero Senses creates an environment that helps natural leaders see and sense the essence behind what they do. As you become more aware of your unique strengths; you can use them more actively and consciously.Regular dialogs inspire you through the setting of impulses. They help to open up your own perspective and translate the newly gained knowledge into one's everyday business life. Making you, over and over, aware of your composure, will be your way of cultivating clarity in decisions.Being a Zero Senses client means you learn to consciously connect what you know with what you instinctively feel. As a result, a newly-found awareness for your own ‘art’ (strength) will emerge and clarity in your decisions will rise. Ultimately, you create time and space for cultivating your intuition.

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The basic structure of the Zero Senses Method is always the same, it only varies in intensity, time, and degree of individuality. The method can be experienced in different ways.

Tanja Schug

In 2018, Tanja founded Zero Senses to help natural leaders discover and cultivate their inner compass – intuition – through a unique method: a deeply individually curated journey of inspiration that adds new layers of perception. Ultimately, sharpening sensory.

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