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Only those who are able to filter out the non-essentials can get to the essentials. In the age of information overload, this is no easy task. The strategic consultant Tanja Schug sees herself as a curator for companies and executives. She creates highly individual impulses that are excellent starting points for strategy processes and refocusing.

Tanja Schug uses examples from the fields of art, culinary arts and trend research and translates them into the business and social context of your company. This method creates a new kind of access to current topics.  With her impulse presentations, Tanja Schug not only inspires, but also enables the audience to see their own point of view from a different perspective. The following topics are the focus:

The Meaning of Work – How has work changed and what does that mean for your company?
Next Generation – What do customers want today? And what do they no longer want?
Luxury Redefined – Why meaning is replacing the classic status symbols.
Purpose –  How do we create meaning with our actions?
Business Case “Intuition” –  How can gut feeling be actively used in everyday business?

The background to this concept are 15 years of consulting know-how in various industries as well as a personal fascination for the topic of connoisseurship. The many years of consulting work have taught Schug to see things with different eyes and to react and respond to the individual demands of her clients and their markets. Her inspirational newsletter is already followed by over 1000 decision-makers. Tanja Schug's commentaries are appreciated by German-language business media such as NZZ am Sonntag, Handelszeitung or Die Welt as well as by magazines (Zukunftsbeweger, SMAC), where she publishes regularly.

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The basic structure of the Zero Senses Method is always the same, it only varies in intensity, time, and degree of individuality. The method can be experienced in different ways.

Tanja Schug

After working for many years in an international consulting firm, Tanja Schug (33) founded Zero Senses, a company based in Zurich, in 2018. She accompanies executives in strategic business development. In doing so, she uses trained intuition paired with classical analysis. Through curated impulses, she trains her clients’ perception for intuitive and clear business decisions.

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