Abstract: Natural leaders are always considered to be models, sources of inspiration and confident decision makers. However, these roles can become burdensome. How can you inspire someone who represents a spark of inspiration for others? Zero Senses curates inspiration for natural leaders, providing an unbiased mirror and personalized impulses to break through the narrow perspective of their comfort zone.

“All authentic art is conceived at a sacred moment and nourished in a blessed hour; an inner impulse creates it, often without the artist being aware of it”

- Kaspar David Friedrich

Who Inspires the Inspirer?

Natural leaders are charismatic individuals with an innate talent for guiding and inspiring others. Yet, they face the same struggles as everyone else, feeling the paralysis of great life decisions and the immense fear of missing out on a large deal. The natural skill of leadership comes at a price, which is meeting expectations - to always make the right decisions, never lose out on an opportunity, stand undaunted in front of adversities, and remain a constant source of inspiration.

Natural leaders are in a constant delivery mode to satisfy the people around them: on the surface they seem to be in charge, yet even the life of a successful CEO is dictated by the agenda. When facing the void, like unexpected freedom, they feel lost. Entangled in the quagmire of daily affairs, natural leaders rarely seek inspiration; which, if it happens, only comes from within their current field of awareness. The sweet spot is to open up perception and find inspiration from beyond their field, enlarging their horizon.

Artists of romanticism like Kaspar David Friedrich painted almost perfectly realistic landscapes, portraits and historical scenes, adding only a touch of drama by deliberately emphasizing a certain aspect in the composition. They made this emphasis through, for instance, an abundant application of vivid color or an exaggerated depiction of emotions that almost slides into sentimentality. The result is an image that is grounded in reality, yet bestows upon us a sensation of magic that we struggle to describe. In the business context, Zero Senses adds this sprinkling of drama by curating an “exhibition” of inspiring impulses to open up perception and ultimately inspire the inspirer.

Impulses: Sparkles of Awareness

There is one element that is always behind inspiration: the impulse.
Through impulses, Zero Senses opens up perception. The result is inspiration, which enlarges your vision of reality and offers a higher level of awareness. The ultimate reference point is always reality. However, awareness of values, motivations, and drivers is the foundation of conscious action in business life.

Anything that inspires you can be an impulse. It can be a sensory stimulus (food, wine, opera, etc.), an experience (physical or intellectual, such as exhibitions, speeches, new technologies, etc. ), or an encounter with an inspiring individual. However, to really touch your awareness, impulses have to be individual. An impulse is a “glimpse of fire” that triggers an emotional or intellectual response, activating past experiences, personal values, beliefs, and motivations.

You can only receive new impulses that you find relevant or familiar. When you cannot relate to an impulse, it simply takes too much effort to connect with it - therefore, you subconsciously ignore it. However, if you are genuinely interested in an area, awareness will arise more naturally. That is why Zero Senses sets impulses that are individual and very personalized to your needs, including those of your business.

The Phases of Curating Impulses

Zero Senses offers a journey of 0+3 Phases.
Like a curator who builds a context by carefully selecting art pieces for an exhibition, we pick the right impulses to trigger your awareness. As a curator needs to understand artists, we need to understand you.

The journey therefore starts with Phase 0 (Zero), which is an in-depth conversation. We guide your thoughts with the “Zero Senses Matrix”, based on Tanja’s 15 years of experience working with and in large companies. We identify fields that represent personal interests (i.e. inner drivers), external factors like objective megatrends, including environmental matters (i.e. sustainability and new technologies) and societal developments (i.e. changes in societal behavior, preferences of the next generation, or the understanding of luxury). We also take current projects into account. The outcome is your essence, which sets the framework for the following phases.

After we identify your needs, we will not sit in a classroom browsing PowerPoint slides. Mere knowledge is not enough. Instead, we go for a walk. Phase 1 (Impulse) is a session of curated impulses, which can include a stimulation of the senses, encounters with creators, and personal trend experiences (new technologies, social behaviors, environmental changes). In Phase 2 (Translation) we condense the essence and connect it to your business (vision, goals, plan of action). In Phase 3 (Companionship), you will apply the essence on a concrete example and learn to use it consciously. During the journey, we constantly build and maintain a bridge between personal experience and your business life.

Zero Senses provides an independent, detached, free, and inquisitive mirror; besides an extensive network and the right mix of personalized impulses to break through conditioned and narrow perspectives. Ultimately, the journey of inspiration leads natural leaders to become aware of their creation.