Curated Inspiration

Is your company looking for impulses and inspiration for strategic realignment? The concept of Curated Inspiration developed by Tanja Schug offers executives a new kind of access and unexpected perspectives. Start your journey of discovery with a keynote speech.

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Tour of Inspiration

1 to 3 day program
Setting inspirational impulses and opening up your perception

The Tour of Inspiration is a guided tour that provides individuals the opportunity to receive inspiration through curated impulses.

To help you to break out of your existing thought patterns and step out of the routines and webs of expectations that ensnare you, Zero Senses curates a deeply personalized walk (or talk) through places that inspire you the most. The experience provides a shift of perception and guarantees insights that can be instantly transferred to and used in a business context.

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4 to 6 meetings over a time horizon of 6 months
Clarity and Composure

Distilling the essence and creating your context.

Constant noise, connectivity and endless opportunities keep you away from the essential, and thus distract you from making the right decisions. Zero Senses creates an environment that helps natural leaders see and sense the essence behind what they do. As you become more aware of your unique strengths, you can use them more actively and consciously.

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Circle of Inspiration

By invitation only
Offering an inspiring atmosphere

The Circle of Inspiration is a salon-like event that focuses on good conversations at inspiring venues.

On a regular basis, Zero Senses invites leaders and artists to meet in an exclusive and intimate atmosphere. The guests are carefully selected to guarantee the perfect match of like-minded, yet different people.

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2 1/2 days program

For this 2 1/2 days program, we curated five impulses that focus on experiencing and learning about existing topics from a different perspective. One of the focal points is the sensory perception in order to raise awareness of the content of the lectures. The impulses include profound conversations with international thought leaders, who share their perspectives about business, philosophy, trend research and generations.

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Only the sharing of thoughts makes them valuable. An in-depth view of thoughts about a pleasant life, the future of business, the definition of luxury, and the potential of intuition.

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