You can find here a collection of use cases and quotes from clients and partners of Zero Senses

"Tanja helps me in strategy planning and identify the core values. Important mental support that I can recommend to any CEO."

—Balazs Farago, Founder & CEO Walter’s Cube

“Tanja is on the move to realize a forward-looking vision deeply rooted in her inspiring personality and working experience.”

—Dr. Hans-Jörg Heusser, Art Historian and Art Consultant

Use Case: A Swiss Shoemaker Who Simplifies Buying Shoes.

“Zero Senses highly inspired me and opened a way for me to see things from a different perspective. I became more conscious and learnt to listen more actively.”

—Dr. Matthias Donhauser

“Tanja is an excellent listener, she understands contexts and can handles complexity very well, more importantly, she turns the whole thing into a great condensed piece of advice that really gets you ahead.”

—Managing partner of a major consultancy

Tanja Schug

In 2018, Tanja founded Zero Senses to help natural leaders discover and cultivate their inner compass – intuition – through a unique method: a deeply individually curated journey of inspiration that adds new layers of perception. Ultimately, through sharpening sensory awareness one gains more clarity in business decisions.

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The basic structure of the Zero Senses Method is always the same, it only varies in intensity, time, and degree of individuality. The method can be experienced in different ways.

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