Cultivating Presence - Zero Senses Retreat

October 21st to 23rd 2021
2 1/2 day program

Sutra House, Riehen, Basel, Switzerland

Time and space for natural leaders to receive impulses that inspire and create clarity of thought for conscious decisions.

For this 2 1/2 day program, we curated five impulses that focus on experiencing and learning to see things from a different perspective. One of the focal points is sensory perception to raise awareness of the content of the lectures. The impulses include profound conversations with international thought leaders, who share their perspectives about business, philosophy, and trend research. The impact of the speakers is intensified by the venue itself: we have a house that we can use and adapt exactly for our needs. It offers a unique atmosphere, next to a forest and the beautiful and inspiring Museum Fondation Beyeler. The retreat guarantees time and space for reflection and inspiration.

Price: CHF 4,500.00 incl. accommodation & F&B

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The retreat will be held in German, however, some speeches will be given in English.



The Zero Senses Retreat offers an unique experience in an inspiring environment for natural leaders to receive and combine business-relevant impulses through sensory experience. We strongly believe this merger is the red-line that connects all the dots of knowledge, experience and intuitive decisions. This connection will enable you to gain a new level of awareness, ultimately leading to clarity and more conscious business decisions.

Successfully running a company, a team or a family can be stressful and demanding. You are an inspirer to everyone, a role model, who makes crucial decisions every day. Your time is limited. Therefore, you must maintain focus and exclude irrelevant, distracting noises. When did you do something for your inspiration lately? Making time and mindspace to reconnect with the present moment is what the theme of the Retreat ‘Cultivating Presence’ offers.


The venue of the 2 ½ day retreat is located in the border triangle of Switzerland, Germany, and France, close to a nearby forest and the world-famous Fondation Beyeler Museum. The Sutra House is an architectural art piece and designed just for inspirational retreats like ours. This unique space, which is close to nature, yet urban, is calm, yet inspiring and in an open-minding environment. The house is exclusively reserved for us.


The format is inspired by my own experience based on two key elements: I worked with natural leaders for 15 years and I cultivated a deep understanding of fine arts. That (and a lot of reflection) let me gained clarity and focus, a consciousness of what I am passionate about, and the ability to translate the latter into my daily life. Based on that I created a method, which I distilled in the concept of the retreat.

In the Retreat you receive a condensed experience in a selected group of maximum 9 people. The limited group size offers a profound exchange, where everyone can be actively involved. You can break out from your everyday routine and receive curated inspiration in a paramount environment. The curated speakers are people of deep understanding, whose artistic soul manifested itself in connoisseurship in their area of expertise, ranging from economics to art management.

The 2 1/2-Day-Program, plus Pre- and Post-Phase

The retreat is not a business workshop: the impulses are structured to be verbal and sensory. Each session follows a three-step structure: Impulses (curated speeches / sensory experience), Reflection (narrowing down - distilling the essence), and an in-depth Conversation (opening perception). The Retreat will start with its Pre-Phase already 2 weeks before the actual meeting. The participants receive impulses as preparation and introduction for the program. After the 2 1/2 day retreat, we make sure to implement and embrace what we heard and learned. This will be ensured through impulses, reminders, and ultimately a final conversation with Tanja Schug 4 to 5 weeks after the retreat.

1. Connoisseurship: The Art Of Taste

In the world of speed and the rise of the machines, soft skills become evermore important. We must gain awareness of our strengths. How? By untapping the potential of sensory abilities. Impulses are provided by our chefs and a sommelier who introduce us to the world of tastes.

2. ZERO: Focus On The Genesis

The origin of our thoughts manifests itself through passions. Driven by growth, we want to come closer and closer to our goals. But what do we actually want to achieve? Growth: celebrated, valued… and declared dead. Impulses are provided by a philosopher, an architect and trend researcher about the source of creativity, the translation of thoughts and “what is NEXT”.

3. SENSES: Sharpening Awareness

How to remain still and cut out the noise in a turbulent world driven by speed? We re-activate the skill of active listening, not only at the level of words, but through the conscious understanding of what we sense. Amongst others, we have a body work trainer and a researcher of societal behaviors who will set impulses about awareness and understanding your target groups.

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    Location: Sutra House, Riehen, Basel, Switzerland
Price: CHF 4’500.00 incl. accommodation & F&B
    The retreat will be held in German, however, some speeches will be given in English.

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    The basic structure of the Zero Senses Method is always the same, it only varies in intensity, time, and degree of individuality. The method can be experienced in different ways.

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